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Hillbilly Stereotype Objects in the Appalachian Collections   Tags: appalachia, artifacts, material culture, stereotypes  

18 Hillbilly Stereotype Artifacts Described by Student Curator Brittney Westbrook in 2006
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Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 2003.33.1-3

The set contains a jug that is brown and white in color. The wooden bench is brown in color. A "hillbilly" figure is painted red, green, and black.

This is a salt and pepper set. The jug is used as a pepper shaker, and the reclining "hillbilly" is used as a salt shaker. There is a hole located under the figure; a small plastic plug comes with the set for this hole. The "hillbilly" figure is shirtless and wears a hat. On the figure, paint has been chipped or scraped away in several places; this is especially visible on the right elbow and in the right toe of the figure. Some of the brown of the jug has also chipped away. Two small holes are located in the upper section of the jug. The Jug has a large hole with a plastic plug in its bottom. The bench holds the reclining Hillbilly salt shaker and jug pepper shaker. The bench is held together with metal nails. The bench is made of two upright slat with one slat for the seat. The set has no notable markings. The set is made from ceramic, plastic, and paper.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Twin Winton Polka-Dot Hillbilly Mug 2004.22.02

The mug is in the shape of a hillbilly man holding on to a barrel, this serves as the mug's handle and bowl area.

This mug was made by the Twin Winton Art Pottery in California, ca. 1950-70.  The mug is marked "Twin Winton".  

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Bartender's Apron 2003.26.1

The apron depicts "hillbilly" scenes with a large picture of a "hillbilly" man, who is dressed in overalls as the central character of the apron. The figure is holding a smoking gun.

The colors within it are green, yellow, white, and black. It is marked with "WHO GITS/ THE NEX'/ SHOT?". It is made from cotton or muslin and ink.

Dimension: 36" L X 23" W.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Dresser Caddy 2003.31.1

The figurine is that of a sleeping intoxicated "hillbilly" in side of an barrel. The "hillbilly" clutches a crock jug and wears a hat.

This object is a copy of a dresser caddy made by Twin Winton Art Pottery in California.  On the Winton version, a wallet was placed between the head and knees, the hat and toes held key rings, and the dish held loose coins. This particular version was used as an outdoor garden decoration in Canada. 

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Brew Green Soda Bottle 2004.39.1

The soda bottle features a "hillbilly' man making moonshine on the front and a "hillbilly" woman doing the same with a still. On the neck of bottle is the company's name which is written with its symbol, a red crock jar.

The soda bottle is green with white and red markings. It is marked "LIL/ BROWN/ JUG/ HILL BILLY/ BREW."


Hillbilly Beverages Clear Soda Bottle 2004.40.1

The bottle is clear in color but its markings are printed in white.

The bottle displays the figure of a "hillbilly" man holding a moonshine jug while smoking a pipe. The head of the man is seen on the neck of the bottle on its reverse side. The front is marked "HILL/ BILLY/ Beverages." The back is marked "Contains 16 Ounces/ HILLBILLY BEVERAGES/ RICHLAND CENTER, WIS.” It is made from glass and printing paint.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


North Carolina Hillbilly Salt and Pepper Shakers 2004.41.01

The colors within the figure are red, green, black, tan, and yellow.

This set contains a salt shaker and a pepper shaker that are in the shape of moonshine jugs stuffed with corn cobs. Two holes are located within each of the corn cobs. The set also contains a figurine of a "hillbilly " man wearing "hillbilly" clothing and carrying a shotgun. It is marked "North Carolina." The set is made of ceramic, plastic, and paint.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Stitzel-Weller Hillbilly Whiskey Decanter 2002.18.1

The figure is marked "OLD/ CABIN STILL/ KENTUCKY/ STRAIGHT BOUBON WHISKEY" and the bottom is marked "Original Design from the / Stitzel-Weller Distillery/ Cabin Still Collector's"

This object is a commemorative/collectable whiskey bottle for Old Cabin Still Whiskey made by Stitzel-Weller Distillery of Louisville, Kentucky, around 1969.  It was sold full of whiskey.  A Kansas liquor stamp is located the on the left arm and a US revenue stamp is located on the back of the figure's hat

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Joose Soda Can 2002.33.1

The can is yellow in color and a white circle shapes the background of the can. The can also has black lettering.

The object is a 12 oz. size Soda can that has an image of a Hillbilly man holding large jug. The can has a pull tab that has become separated from the can. The can is Distributed by Cotton Club Bottling Co. The can is marked "WITH THAT "HUG-A-JUG FLAVOR/ WORTH FUEDIN' AND FIGHTIN' FOR"/ COTTON CLUBS/ Hill/ Billy/ JOOSE." It is made from aluminum and printing ink.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Beverages Strawberry Soda Can 2003.35.1

The can is red with white lettering.

The soda can is double seam pressed together and has a depiction of a "hillbilly" man walking along a path on its front. The can is marked "STRAWBERRY /SODA/ ARTICFICALY FLAVORED/ HILL/ BILLY/ Beverages." It is made from aluminum and printed ink.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Maw and Paw Coffee Mugs 2003.36.1-2

The mugs are marked "MAW" and "PAW"

This is a set of white ceramic coffee mugs. One is a "Maw" mug and the second is a "Paw" mug. The "Maw" mug depicts a "hillbilly" woman in her house doing domestic work, while the "Paw" mug depicts a "hillbilly" man drinking "moonshine." The mugs feature the colors red, blue, brown, green, and black. They are made from white ceramic, a transfer pattern, and clear glaze.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Twin Winton Hillbilly Mug 2004.22.1

This mug has no particular markings.

This mug in the shape of a "hillbilly" man holding onto a barrel.  It may have been made by Twin Winton Art Pottery in California, ca. 1950-70.  However, it has no maker's mark.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Red Pop Coin Bank 2004.26.1

The bank is made out of aluminum and printed ink.

The can contains the depiction of a "hillbilly" family. The can was used to hold soda, but was made into a coin bank. The bank is primarily red but displays a myriad of blues and browns. The can is marked "HILL BILLY / RED POP/ POCONO."

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Wooden Jewelry Box 2004.36.1

The box is brown in color with dark brown markings and a painted brown and green picture.

The lid contains the depiction of a "hillbilly" man fishing in a creek while smoking a pipe. Cracks are visible on the lid of the box. It is marked "BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIF/ HILL BILLY/ JOOL BOX." The box is made out of a carved out section of a tree branch, paint, leather, and metal.

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Hillbilly Dancing Legs Doll 2005.67.1

The doll is a representation of an intoxicated "hillbilly" man with his eyes closed.

The doll is dressed in a red and black plaid shirt, gray felt pants, black shoes, and a green hat. The doll also has a long facial hair that is black in color. It is made of felt, plastic, paint, cloth, stuffing, glue, and thread.

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Parker Brothers Plug-A-Jug Game 2003.29.1

The die is yellow with a picture of a jug and a cork imprinted on its sides in black. The cork is well worn and brown.

This family game contains twenty-eight plastic letters, one wooden marble that is painted black, one die, one hard plastic jug and one cork. The picture on the front of the jug is that of a "hillbilly" living area. The game is marked "Parkers Brothers/ GAME/ Plug/ -a- Jug/ No.16." It is made from hard plastic, cork, paint, and wood. The game is worn and is incomplete. The curator finds it interesting that a family game would be based on a moonshine jug.  

Detailed Item Record on Berea Digital


Tennessee Souvenir Salt and Pepper Shakers 2003.32.1-2

The shakers have raised surfaces that are painted white, blue, red, black, gray, green, cream, and dark brown

The shakers are in the shape of "hillbilly" figures. There are three small holes in the top of each shaker and one large hole with a plastic plug in the bottom. There are several chips on the shakers. They are marked "TENNESEE." They are made of ceramic, plastic and paint.

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Three Mountaineers Wooden Bathroom Sign 2004.02.1

The sign features the colors; light green, and light red. The markings are printed in brown ink.

The spinner is used for bathroom occupancy notification. The spinner contains the picture of a "hillbilly" man standing in the door way of an outhouse. The label is made of paper and is divided into three sections of color. The label is also encased in a brown border. A metal hook is attached for door placement. Some of the cardboard is coming apart. It is marked "Three Mountaineers, Inc." It is made from metal, compressed cardboard, and ink.

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About This Guide

This guide is based on the Digital Library of Appalachia Hillbilly Stereotype project of 2006. Student Curatorial Associate Brittney Westbrook selected the artifacts, compiled the information, and photographed the artifacts. Student Curatorial Associate Travis Rigg edited and produced this guide in 2013. These artifacts also have full catalogue records in Berea Digital and the Digital Library of Appalachia.  

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